Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Etiquette of Communication Whilst Cycling

So now we have finally got our fundraising campaign underway I thought I’d better put some effort into getting seriously fit.  So what better to attempt than a long hilly cycle ride?  Having cleaned the cobwebs out of my cycling helmet and refamiliarised myself with gear changing without the accompanying clanking of cogs, I set off early  Sunday morning for a 30km ride through Forest Row, Hartfield and Edenbridge. Expecting all sensible people to still be in bed at this time of the morning I was surprised at how many people are whizzing up and down the roads on a variety of two wheeled contraptions.  And herein lies my problem.  When passing a cyclist on the opposite side of the road  how should you greet them? Or should you ignore them in the typically British way.  And what should you say?” Hi, how are you?”  Mostly I would expect the answer to be “knackered actually”, if they were honest that is.  “Good Morning?”  Too formal maybe.  Or should you attempt a barely perceptible  nod  – just to show you are putting all your effort into your own cycling and therefore you must be a “serious cyclist”.  Maybe the “I Love Bart Simpson”  slogan on the t-shirt gives away that I’m not.   I settled for the nod, then swapped it for the “Hi” as the nod became a little too discourteous , and then to the “Good Morning”  if the cyclist was a little older (or on an upright bike with some groceries/dog in the front).  Friendly lot these early morning cyclists. 

However with me communication and the level of it depends on whether I am going uphill or downhill.  I’ll let you guess when I’m at my most communicative…….. and it’s definitely linked to my levels of fitness.

Next week I’ll get back to the running….that one’s easy. Shades on – iPod in -  no communication needed!