Monday, 22 October 2012

Well it took me a while but.....

Yes folks, i've finally got off my (fat) arse and started training, so far I've been taking advantage of the gym at work and for the last couple of weeks have been using one of those elliptical/cross-trainer machines. My plan so far has been to train for two days and then take a day off. The sessions have been  just over an hour in length and have been managing around 7 miles a shot, yesterday was a bit of an anomaly as the cross-trainer was unavailable so I did just under 19 miles on an exercise bike instead.

I've got to say I've been feeling pretty good from the training, the old runners high kicking in, I've lost a little weight and generally am feeling fitter. However, I now have a week off work with no access to a gym, so this morning I went for a run instead and I was shite. I managed just 2.32 miles in just over 25 minutes before nearly coughing up a lung and getting pain across my back.

How annoying.


P.s. Anyone out there got a cross-trainer I could borrow for a couple of months.......? ;0)